Plantation Raw Sugar Sticks 5.6kg

Our free-flowing golden cane sugar packaged in pre-portioned individual sticks. This product is coarser than our granulated white sugar and adds soft notes of molasses and caramel to sweet and savory products.

Smooth, mellow, and golden in color, this product is coarser than our granulated sugar.

Best For:

Perfectly portioned. Best for single-serve hot and cold drinks. Often used by our restaurant and retail customers.

Taste & Texture:

Medium coarse crystal size. Smooth, mellow, adds taste and texture.

Product Specifications:

0 63111 67821 6
Corrugate Box
5.6 kg
1095 days

Pallet Specifications:

403 kg
122 x 91.4 x 130 cm
12 x 6 = 72
30 x 30 x 20 cm