Montreal Cane Refinery

The Company owns and operates a cane sugar refinery on a 12-acre lot in eastern Montreal. The original plant was built in 1888. Over the years, the building and processing facilities have been frequently upgraded; a major expansion took place in 1998

The Montreal refinery, which belonged to St. Lawrence Sugar until 1984, originally had a regular refining capacity (based on 250 workdays) of some 210,000 metric tonnes per year. With the enlargement completed in December 2000, the refinery's regular capacity rose to 440,000 tonnes and with overtime, could exceed 600,000 tonnes.

Vancouver Cane Refinery

The Vancouver refinery can produce up to 240,000 tonnes of sugar per year from imported raw cane sugar. The total annual production is dependent on market requirements and on production from the Taber beet sugar factory.

Taber Beet Factory

Currently the Taber, Alberta beet factory can produce up to 150,000 tonnes of sugar from locally grown sugar beets. The Company contracts with about 400 sugar beet producers each year to grow a certain number of acres for sugar beets, based on market conditions.

Toronto Distribution Center

The Company operates a distribution centre and sales office in Toronto referred to as “New Toronto”. Warehouse facilities provide for suitable storage of the complete line of packaged Lantic products. New Toronto also operates bulk dry sugar storage and loading facilities. Refined sugar is shipped mainly by railcar from the Montreal plant to the Toronto distribution centre.

The packaged warehouse is capable of responding to customer requirements with minimal lead-time as it is supported by a steady product supply from our Montreal refinery.

The bulk station can process up to 5 bulk railcars of sugar a day. This sealed, food-safe system supplies fine granulated sugar to a bulk truck loading area as well as to a tote bag filling station.

Liquid storage tanks, a liquid sucrose melt station, as well as railcars of invert are all part of the supply of liquid to the Ontario marketplace.