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Corporate Governance

Code of Business Conduct

The Company cares both about what results are achieved and how they are achieved. The Company will adhere to the highest ethical standards in all of its activities and all of the Company’s respective directors, officers, and employees (collectively “Company Personnel”) are expected to maintain these standards. The Code seeks to ensure that such highest standards and corporate behaviour are maintained across the entire organization.

The Company’s values help define our organizational culture by providing a common understanding of how we do things and how we should behave towards each other, our customers, other relevant stakeholders, the community and our environment.

Company Personnel and everyone who works for, acts for, or in some way represents the Company are required to comply with this Code and is accountable for ensuring their decisions and actions are consistent with our values which are: safety, our employees, customers, excellence, integrity, sustainability and our community.

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As per our Governance rules and as per the Charter of the Audit Committee, any employee of Lantic Inc. (“Lantic”) has the ability to report and disclose, on a confidential basis, any concerns or complaints about:

  • An unlawful/illegal act whether civil or criminal;
  • Breach of any existing Code of Business Conduct and Ethics;
  • Breach of or failure to implement or comply with any approved policy of the Company;
  • Knowingly breaching federal or provincial laws or regulations;
  • Questionable accounting or auditing practices;
  • Any severe weaknesses in internal controls; or
  • Dangerous practice likely to cause physical harm or damage to any person/property, which puts the assets of the Corporation and its financial stability at risk.

If, after having discussed or raised the matter with your Supervisor, Vice-President of Finance or Chief Executive Officer, you feel no appropriate corrective action has been put in place to remedy the weakness or questionable item, you can use the toll-free number below to express your concerns to the following Audit Committee members:

Toll-Free Phone Number Audit Committee Member E-mail
1-844-563-4427 Daniel Lafrance
Michael A. Heskin
  • Signature Daniel L. Lafrance Chairman of the Audit Committee of Lantic Inc. and Rogers Sugar Inc.

Governance Documents Library

Document Approval Date Company
Code of Conduct Dec. 7, 2022 Rogers Sugar Inc.
Charter of the Audit Committee Nov. 30, 2022 Rogers Sugar Inc.
Mandate for the Board of Directors Nov. 24, 2021 Rogers Sugar Inc.
Environmental, Social & Governance Committee Charter Nov. 24, 2021 Rogers Sugar Inc.
Governance Guildelines Nov. 24, 2021 Rogers Sugar Inc.